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Boat Trailers

Every TRACKER® Mod V, Deep V and GRIZZLY® model comes standard with a custom-fit trailer.

Unlike some trailers, ours are welded together—not bolted. In addition, they all feature our exclusive GALVASHIELD® Impact corrosion and chip protection, which consists of inside and outside galvanization and an extra tough powdercoat. With protection so strong, we back it with a three-year warranty against failure due to corrosion.

Other great features designed for a smooth ride for years to come include heavy-duty winches, Super Lube hubs, submersible lights and more!    

Lasting Quality & Easy Towing

We've been building custom-matched boat trailers for over 40 years.

Every Mod V and Deep V boat comes standard with a great-looking, long-lasting, custom-matched TRACKER® trailer. Unlike some trailers, ours are welded together for maximum strength. Each features our exclusive GALVASHIELD® Impact corrosion and chip protection with a best-in-class, three-year corrosion warranty. Plus, each one is designed and built to provide maximum support for your boat and a smooth ride behind your vehicle. Carpeted bunks, load guides, a heavy-duty winch and Super Lube hubs are just a few of the built-in advantages of a TRACKER trailer.  

And almost all of our trailers come standard with 13" or 14" Silver powder-coated or chrome wheels, matching hub covers and radial tires for even better on-road performance and great-looking longevity.

Every trailer frame features our exclusive 50% thicker GALVASHIELD Impact protection, providing exceptional corrosion and chip resistance and rugged good looks that will stand up to the elements for years to come.

The GALVASHIELD Impact trailer finish is a 5-mil.-thick, matte black, textured powder coat that improves corrosion-resistance while adding chip-resistance. The steel tubing is still galvanized on the outside and inside and sealed with a flexible clearcoat before it arrives at our plant in Ozark, Missouri. The trailer frame and components are put through a 5-stage wash and then thoroughly dried to ensure perfect adhesion to the metal.

For the application of the finish, the trailer components receive an electrostatic charge, which attracts the opposite charge in the powder coat particles. This assures thorough coverage, uniform thickness and minimal waste, all while having virtually no environmental effect.

The GALVASHIELD Impact finish is then heated to its melting point as it bonds securely to the galvanized metal at the molecular level. The result is a harder, longer- lasting and environmentally-friendly finish that protects against both corrosion and chipping.

GALVASHIELD Impact texture
GALVASHEILD Impact infographic

3-Year Warranty Protection 

Our GALVASHIELD tubing, with its baked-on powder-coat finish, offers industry-leading warranty protection (three years) against failure due to corrosion.

All-Welded Construction

The all-welded construction of our trailers means there are no bolts to loosen over time, maximizing durability. And each trailer is custom built for each boat model, making the fit as impressive as the construction.

Hubs and Brakes

Long-lived, easy-to-lubricate Super Lube hubs, included on all TRACKER® trailers, keep your ride smooth and your mind at ease, delivering years of reliable performance. Most boat and trailer packages offered by TRACKER are available with brakes as an option. State towing regulations vary regarding vehicle weight rating and requirements for brakes on boat trailers. Check the brake requirements for your state.

Superlube hub
Super Lube Hubs

Our exclusive Super Lube hubs make maintenance easy. Just inject grease into the fittings to deliver lubrication to both inner and outer wheel bearings.

Surge drum brake
Surge Brakes

Most TRACKER® trailers are available with optional drum surge brakes that stop quickly and won’t engage when backing.

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