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When you buy a TRACKER® boat, you can be assured of a good deal, no matter where you buy. NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® Pricing

In 1978, long before anyone had ever thought of NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® pricing, Johnny Morris, our founder, paved the way. Today, in every showroom and boat lot, across our websites, in our brochures and in the Bass Pro Shops® catalog, you get the lowest nationally published value price available anywhere. TRACKER® Boats uses a simple, no-negotiation, nationally published value price policy that is consistent from one TRACKER® dealer to another.

We also negotiate the lowest prices from our suppliers at the industry level and pass those savings on to you.

So, relax. Our legacy of NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® pricing assures you the lowest possible after-negotiation price at every one of our dealers, ensuring you always get the best deal on the TRACKER® boat of your choice.