Tracker Boats Bass Tracker Classic XL model on the water

Instead of paying hundreds in shipping costs, have your Bass Tracker Classic XL shipped to Springfield, MO, for free!

That's right, if you pick up your new boat in Springfield, MO, you won't have to pay any shipping costs (dealer prep charges still apply)!

Since you'll be in the area anyway, why not turn the trip into a much-needed vacation with your family? Get a rustic cabin for a few days at the beautiful Big Cedar Lodge resort. Big Cedar is right on Table Rock Lake, so you can enjoy your new boat at the same time!

You can also take in a few holes of golf at one of our world-class golf courses. Visit the iconic Springfield Bass Pro Shops—the granddaddy of all outdoors stores. And, of course, take a day (or two!) and see the Wonders of Wildlife museum and aquarium for yourself!

Visit your local dealer to learn more!

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