NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® pricing policy brings you peace of mind when you buy.

From our beginnings in 1978, long before anyone had ever thought of NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE pricing, TRACKER boats were offered for sale at a high-value, published national price that assured everyone would get the same price as their neighbor. Today, in every showroom and boat lot, across our websites, in our brochures and in the Bass Pro Shopsยจ catalogs, you can see nationally published pricing that is consistent from dealer to dealer, varying only by the cost of freight from one region of the country to another. No other boat builder maintains a pricing policy that enables you to determine what your boat will cost, including options, freight and prep, from the comfort of home!


Our legacy of NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE pricing assures you get the best deal every day,
at every one of our dealers from coast to coast.