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GO BOATING Tests TRACKER Pro Crappie 175

For the boater looking for a no-frills, freshwater panfish boat, the Tracker Pro Crappie 175 is a great place to start. Producing boats since 1978, Tracker made this four-person boat so that it’s ready to hit the water straight off the showroom floor.
     The Pro Crappie 175 features a 13-gallon aerated livewell at the bow, while a 9-gallon aerated livewell rests under the helm seat. Two 2-gallon aerated baitwells with removable buckets are equipped on the 175 as well. It also features a MotorGuide foot-controlled trolling motor with 46 pounds of thrust and a 42-inch shaft as wellas a Lowrance X37 fish finder.
     The three fold-down seats are nicely constructed and offer plenty of comfort whether fishing or cruising from spot to spot, and just behind the driver’s chair is a small storage section for lures. To port there is a rod holder for your poles, and there’s also a dedicated place for the navigation light — and this compartment has a key lock.
     Tracker stands behind the construction of its boats, as the hull, longitudinal stringer system, compartment lids and transom are all constructed of marinegrade aluminum. Tracker also injects pressurized foam into its hulls for maximum flotation and to reduce hull flexing to improve the rough-water ride. The welded aluminum hulls also carry a transferable DuraTrack Lifetime Limited Warranty, which covers the external welds on the boat for as long as you own it.
     The Pro Crappie 175 is a fun little boat to drive. It handles confidently even in slightly chopped-up waters, and the 50 hp two-stroke Mercury motor provides enough power to get around the lake. Its 2.8-second on-plane time and peak speed of 32.3 mph is ample for most casual freshwater anglers.
     Purchasing a Tracker boat is intended to be a straightforward process, as the company notes it was “the first to build a complete, ready-to-fish boat package and sell it at a nationally published price.” Translation: no haggling over the bottom line.
     The Pro Crappie 175 is a great panfish boat for anglers who need the basics in an affordable aluminum package. At $12,695 (which includes a trailer), the Pro Crappie 175 is a great everything-included deal.

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