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TRACKER® Pro David Van Oss Wins PWT At Saginaw Bay

July 22, 2005- TRACKER®Pro David Van Oss wins a shortened PWT event on Saginaw Bay due to bad weather conditions.
“Thewaves were incredible. I was fishing about 23 to 25 miles out, which is a long run in anything above a 3-foot wave, but my TRACKER® boat can handle a 3 to 6 foot wave real comfortably. It was a real smooth and dry ride in my 21ft Tundra®.”
“Towin the event I was using the BASS PRO SHOPS® inline 2 ounce weights, with my spinner harnesses at 1 to 1½ mph. I was able to control my boat and speed allowing me to work the baits right on the bottom, which allowed me to catch the bigger fish. Using this technique I was able to catch the bigger fish and not worry about catching the smaller ones.”
“Winningany kind of tournament is just a thrill of your life, but to win a walleye tournament with all of the competition like Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz is really something special. To win this event was really super”
Davidwith a weight of 30.87-lbs took home over $64,000 for his win.
Finishing4th with a weight of 27.99-lbs and winning $11,000 was TRACKER® Pro Jim Carroll. Jim fished within the area of a couple football fields, “I kept running back and going through the fish – really slow, with dual drift socks under my bow – 6/10ths of one mph.”
Longtime TRACKER® Pro, Gary Parsons also had a good tournament finishing 5th with 27.81-lbs winning $10,000.
“Wehad a pretty good practice. We found about a 4 mile area that was holding some big fish, you didn’t get too many small ones. I knew what the forecasted weather was going to be, so I decided to stay in this area in hopes of getting a heavy weight, I didn’t think the tournament would go 3 days.”
“Thisended up being a good tournament for my son and I. I was glad we finished where we did.”
Rookiepro Chase Parsons, caught 27.34-lbs and finishing, 6th right behind dad and won $9,000. With this finish Chase now leads the Rookie of the Years point race.
“Itwas wild out there, the weather was real bad. Both dad and I were fishing about 22 miles offshore, glad I had my Tracker boat. The first day went really well, I had two good spots I found in prefish, and by 9:00am I had 3 fish in the boat that weighed 23lbs.”
“Ihad the bites to win this tournament, I lost two very good fish.”
Goodluck to the TRACKER® Pro Team on the St. Mary’s River.