all-welded Better built for the long haul.

Even after 30 years in the business, TRACKER® aluminum fishing boats continue to be #1 sellers year after year because they provide industry-leading craftsmanship and built-in value in every model.

To start, TRACKER uses marine-grade aluminum to craft the hulls and transoms on every model in the lineup.

Plus, all the Mod V, Deep V and GRIZZLY models feature all-welded hull and box-beam transom construction. That combined with a pressed-in and welded longitudinal stringer system creates a unitized hull structure that is solid and extremely durable.

Other key construction components include the keel support that helps eliminate hull flex. Extruded, welded-in chevron supports to reinforce the bow and absorb water impact. Transverse bulkheads are welded to the stringer and hull sides to maximize hull support. And two-part expanding foam adds hull stiffening and provides maximum flotation that meets or exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements.

And it's all precisely crafted and put together to ensure a consistent, proper fit every time.

Every model is also backed by the best warranty in the industry.

All to ensure your TRACKER boat is ready to take you and your family through years and years of unforgettable fishing adventures.