Lebanon, MO, in the beautiful Ozarks

The aluminum boat building capital of the world.

It's fitting that the world's most popular aluminum boats are built in the heartland of America, in a region with a rich heritage of boat building that spans generations. Here, craftsmen grounded in the skills of aluminum cutting, forming, welding, fabricating and finishing have applied best-in-class manufacturing strategies to raise the bar on quality and efficiency. The TRACKER® Production System employs the discipline of Lean Sigma techniques used by global leaders in the automotive, aerospace, appliance, computer and medical equipment industries to deliver never-ending improvement, high quality and appealing products that bring years of enjoyment to their owners.

Tracker Marine Group Lebanon plant
Tracker Marine Group Lebanon plant—the #1 Aluminum Boat Plant in the World

What does Lean Sigma mean to you?

Quality, reliable products, continuous improvement and lower costs that translate into lower prices are the hallmarks of companies that employ Lean Sigma in their operations. Like General Electric, Ford, Toyota, The Boeing Company, Whirlpool and Xerox, to name just a few.

The term Lean Sigma applies to business systems or companies that employ Lean principles and Six Sigma techniques to achieve cost reduction through the elimination of waste, develop a culture of continuous improvement and ultimately control processes and reduce variation to deliver near-perfect products and services.

Lean principles have helped us eliminate delays, duplication of efforts, inferior supplier quality, erratic production schedules and excessive parts inventories, all of which cost money and contribute to higher prices. Lean thinking has also helped us become more versatile and more efficient, attributes that enable us to better control our costs and deliver more value to our customers.

The Voice of the Customer is where it starts.

Meeting and exceeding the needs and wants of consumers is at the heart of any product or service. The TRACKER Production System receives guidance from continuous feedback from boat buyers regarding their total experience with our boats and the dealers that support them. Every single boat buyer is invited to participate in a sequence of surveys that begins right after delivery and continues as they use their boat and return for service at their dealer. Our quest to build the perfect boat also takes us into conversations with would-be boat buyers who also share their dreams for outdoor and family recreation. The result is better-built boats and creative ideas for future new products.

Function is at the heart of the solution.

Our response to what we hear from consumers ultimately has to make their experience better. Plus, the competitive marketplace drives us to develop solutions that stand out relative to our competitors. Over the years, this has led us to introduce hull designs that deliver superior smooth, dry rides with impressive stability, durability and performance. Our improvements and innovations have to work, solve problems and improve the overall boating experience.

Revolution Hull
The Revolution Hull
The Revolution™ Hull, found on TRACKER Pro Team models, uses a variable deadrise that features a sharper V in the bow to cut through chop, a shallower V aft for more stability and a Power-Trac™ set-back transom for added strength, faster holeshots and better overall performance. And it's backed by our Smooth Ride Guarantee™.

Computer-aided design and manufacturing makes it all fit.

Our designers and engineers use computers with advanced software to design hulls, decks and all the accompanying parts so they fit together exactly, assure structural integrity, eliminate causes of waste, are easier to manufacture and perform to expectations. Today's digital tools enable precision, consistency and efficiency beyond what is possible by traditional methods used by many boat builders. Exact designs are digitally modeled on a computer screen in three dimensions. Parts are organized and laid out to maximize utilization of materials, and the resulting patterns are digitally transmitted to precise, electronically controlled cutting tools. In the same manner, digital files with part designs to be made by other tools, in another facility or by an outside supplier are transmitted electronically, producing a faster, more exact development and manufacturing process. All this reduces variation among components, which then fit together consistently and can be welded with robotic equipment, producing a strong, consistent bond. The result is a hull with superior structural integrity and exceptional fit and finish.

3D design and manufacturing software
3D design and manufacturing software results in the development of precise boat part designs, which can then be transmitted digitally to suppliers and in-house manufacturing equipment.

Computer-controlled equipment
Digital files direct precision cutting by computer-controlled equipment

Robotically welded all-aluminum transom
All TRACKER package boats feature robotically welded all-aluminum transom and stringer systems, assembled from parts cut to precise tolerances by computer-controlled equipment.

We build them stronger than they have to be.

Beneath the surface of every TRACKER Mod V and Deep V boat is a full-length longitudinal stringer system, which provides the backbone of support for the hull running surface below and the deck above. Aluminum extrusions, for extra strength and rigidity, are welded in a chevron pattern along both sides of the bow and serve to distribute the energy produced by crashing through waves. Welded, heavy-duty box beams and formed parts make up the stringer, a ladder-like frame that extends further into the hull than on most competitor boats. The stringer is securely welded to the transom, along the hull sides and into the bow. Then, fore and aft bulkheads, which support the seats and deck, are welded to both the hull sides and stringer, forming a super-strong unitized structure that absorbs the pounding of the waves and forces created by today's high-output motors, while also maintaining a solid and true running surface for optimum overall performance and control. In the end, the parts all produce a rugged boat that is ready to deliver years and years of fishing and family adventures.

Longitudinal stringer system
The longitudinal stringer system extends further into the bow than in competitor boats and is welded into a unitized structure that ties together all the hull support elements.

Quality construction illustration

The finishing touch sets them apart.

These boats, which are now built stronger, more durable and fit better than ever, are ready for an exclusive finishing touch. TRACKER Diamond Coat™ is a multi-layer powder-coat finish that is three times harder, up to four times thicker and keeps its color up to 20 times longer than traditional liquid paint. After a thorough cleaning with liquids specially formulated to maximize surface adhesion, the initial layer of color is applied to the hull in an automated booth that assures consistency and minimal waste. Then, after baking to a durable sheen, a protective clearcoat, similar to coatings used on the likes of Mercedes and BMW automobiles, delivers a brilliance and depth unmatched in the industry. With a carbon footprint 50% less than liquid paint, Diamond Coat is the most durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly finish being used on any aluminum boat today.

Special solvents that clean and prepare the aluminum
Thorough cleaning assures strong finish-to-metal adhesion.
Mechanical powder coat wands
Powder-coat color finish is more durable than liquid paint.
High-sheen protective clearcoat
The clearcoat finish produces a brilliant and lasting shine.

Powder Coated Tough

Powder coating may be new to aluminum boats, but not to Tracker Marine Group.
We have been applying a powder-coat finish to our trailers for years.

Quality components from the best brands in the business.

Mercury® engines, Minn Kota® trolling motors, Lowrance® electronics, TRAILSTAR® trailers, Interstate® batteries, Tracker Marine Group Plastics. The list goes on. All respected names in the marine industry. When it comes to components for our boats, these are the brands we turn to. In most cases, Tracker Marine Group is their largest single customer. And that means our partnership is able to deliver the latest designs, the best prices and the best customer support to owners of the boats we build.

Factory rigging gives you the best setup every time.

One of the challenges marine dealers face is how to staff their service operations to handle the needs of their service customers, plus the boat-rigging requirements for new customers—all in the same compressed boating season! The solution can result in a compromise between performing customer service work or preparing a boat for a new customer, both vital operations for a successful dealer. Tracker Marine Group rigs all its boats at the factory. This means your boat is rigged to Mercury specifications as part of an assembly operation focused on quality, consistency and efficiency. We are able to pass along cost savings to our customers while also delivering a boat that requires significantly less dealer preparation. This lowers your dealer's costs while also freeing up technicians to respond to the service and maintenance needs of the dealer's customers.

Efficient assembly
Efficient assembly operations rig engines to Mercury specifications, reducing costs while increasing quality and consistency.

Trailers for America's Favorite Boats

In addition to being America's #1 boat builder, Tracker Marine Group has manufactured, and its customers have registered, more boat trailers in the United States than any other producer. Every TRACKER boat package comes on a custom TRACKER trailer built in our plant in Ozark, Missouri, and matched to the boat it carries. TRACKER trailers are welded, not bolted, for less weight, superior strength and better durability. Each trailer is constructed from heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing, then covered with a baked-on powder-coat finish. The result is a rugged, durable trailer with exceptional corrosion resistance and lasting good looks. Like the boats they carry, our trailers include a wide array of convenience features to make storing, towing, loading, unloading and maintaining easier and worry-free, so you can spend more time enjoying your boat on the water.

GALVASHIELD® Corrosion Protection

All TRACKER® trailers are crafted from GALVASHIELD, a TRACKER exclusive offered by no other boat manufacturer. The GALVASHIELD process assures our trailers have exceptional corrosion resistance and rugged good looks that will stand up to the elements for years to come.

Swing-away trailer tongue
The swing-away trailer tongue
Standard on many models, this allows you to store your boat in tight spaces by shortening the overall length of the trailered boat package.

Retractable safety cables
Retractable safety cables
Retractable safety cables (most models) make connecting the cables to your vehicle a breeze and keep them under constant tension to help ensure they remain properly connected.

Nylon winch strap and bow safety strap
Nylon winch strap and bow safety strap
The non-binding nylon strap includes a safety strap that secures your boat to its trailer.

Rotating tongue jack
Rotating tongue jack
Quickly raise or lower the trailer for easy attachment to your vehicle. It pivots and locks in place during transport.
Easy-to-maintain hubs
Easy-to-maintain hubs
Our exclusive EZ Lube hubs make maintenance easy and keep you on the road, not sitting on the side. Just inject grease into the fittings to fully lubricate both inner and outer wheel bearings.
Carpeted bunk supports and fender boards
Carpeted bunk supports and fender boards
Strategically placed supports, or bunks, cradle the hull to prevent stress and damage while trailering.

Outboard motor support
Outboard motor support
The outboard motor support helps secure the lower unit of the motor, keeping it from bouncing and causing transom or hull damage while towing.

The TRACKER WAY extends beyond building a boat.

Even our distribution network saves you money.

When you are ready to buy a boat, you want it to be there for you. So we have created a system of flexible manufacturing, smart inventory planning and sophisticated tranportation scheduling to help ensure that your dealer has the right boat for you at the right time. Since it is not practical for every dealer to have every boat on hand all year long, we are set up to ship a new model from our factory for delivery in a very reasonable time. The savings produced by our distribution system have lowered the oprating expenses for our dealers to some of the lowest levels in the industry. This, in turn, benefits you, our customer, who can enjoy the support of a strong and stable dealer organization whose success depends on taking care of more customers, rather than making more money from a few.

Dealer map
The right boat at the right place at the right time, at nearly 300 authorized dealers from coast to coast.

NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® pricing policy brings you peace of mind when you buy.

From our beginnings in 1978, long before anyone had ever thought of NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE pricing, TRACKER boats were offered for sale at a high-value, published national price that assured everyone would get the same price as their neighbor. Today, in every showroom and boat lot, across our websites, in our brochures and in the Bass Pro Shops® catalogs, you can see nationally published pricing that is consistent from dealer to dealer, varying only by the cost of freight from one region of the country to another. No other boat builder maintains a pricing policy that enables you to determine what your boat will cost, including options, freight and prep, from the comfort of home!


Our legacy of NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE pricing assures you get the best deal every day,
at every one of our dealers from coast to coast.

Your boat is backed by one of the best warranties in the business.

Behind every TRACKER Boat stands the stability and strength of a market leader, providing you assurance that we will be there when you need us. For your peace of mind, we back our boats with warranties that are among the best in the marine industry. Every new Mod V and Deep V model comes complete with a transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty covering all external welds and a Limited Five-Year Warranty covering the hull, interior ribs and transom. GRIZZLY® all-welded boats are backed by a transferable Limited Five-Year Warranty against defects in the hull, interior ribs and transom. Riveted Jon boats include a Limited Three-Year Warranty covering the hull, interior ribs and transom. In addition, all boats come with a Limited One-Year Warranty that covers components. We even back our trailers by warranting the GALVASHIELD® steel tubing against structural failure due to corrosion for three years.

Warranty Information PDF Files:

Get ready to start your adventure!

Now that you have your new boat, you have just opened the door to an outdoor lifestyle filled with great times and memories created with friends and family. Every buyer of a new Tracker Marine Group boat receives a special VIP Owner's Discount Card, entitling them to two years of special discounts from Bass Pro Shops, which can be enjoyed by shopping in-store, online and from the Bass Pro Shops catalogs.

VIP Owner's Discount Card
Your adventure starts here. Enjoy two years of VIP discounts with the purchase of a new Tracker Marine Group-branded boat.